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Boulos Nigeria Launches Suzuki Super Carry Mobile Mechanic Workshop

Amobile workshop to service the Suzuki Super Carry vehicles manufactured and sold in Nigeria was launched in Lagos on Tuesday.

Nigeria’s main representative and manufacturer of Suzuki Super Carry, Boulos Enterprises Limited, which announced the launch in a statement, said the mobile facility, first in the country, will enable the purchaser of the new Suzuki Super Carry to have their vehicles serviced on their doorstep or distribution centers.

Known as Mobile Mechanics and Repair Suzuki (MMARS), the workshop is said to be fully equipped with compressor, trolley jack, maintenance table, Suzuki specific tooling, torque wrenches, secure tooling cabinet and two Suzuki qualified technicians.

According to the company, the MMARS will initially be utilized in Lagos and surrounding areas.

Commenting on the new facility, Mr. Joseph Fayose, National Sales Manager for Suzuki Nigeria described the MMARS as a further reinforcement of his company’s promise to maintain the lowest downtime for any commercial vehicle product in Nigeria.

“MMARS further reinforces our promise to maintain the lowest downtime for any commercial vehicle product in Nigeria,” Fayose said. “The Nigerian Suzuki Carry is assembled and manufactured by Nigerians for Nigerians; likewise the MMARS was designed and built here in Lagos.

“W e are justifiably proud of it and know it will prove invaluable to companies and small business people who need their vehicles to be working 24 hours a day”.

Suzuki has over 45,000 employees worldwide and 35 main production facilities in 23 countries and 133 distributors in 192 countries including Boulos in Nigeria, which makes the Boulos Ikeja, Lagos factory the oldest Suzuki production plant in the world outside of Japan.

The company’s Marketing Manager, Mrs Titi Olodun, described Suzuki Super Carry as the most tried and trusted 1 tonne van in the world.

“Sold in 192 countries,” she explained, “it was launched in 1961 and this is the 12th generation. It is also one of the most reliable in the world and here in Nigeria the launch price at Naira 4.3 million is two million less than any other competitor’s vehicle.

“The pick-up version will be available only to special order only. As the Van and Refrigerated units will be the best sellers. The engine of the vehicle is the tried and tested Suzuki 1.2 litre petrol, which is also fitted to the Suzuki Swift, Vitara, Splash, Baleno, Kizashi and many others.

“The Super Carry is backed by a comprehensive warranty and dealer service representation across Nigeria.”


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